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. but for a third day in a row early voting will be closed and state government will be closed for a second day in a row. right now there are about 75,000 people without power in the state of maryland. that is going to continue. we'll have another briefing from governor o'malley at 9:30 this evening. reporting from reisterstown. >> joanne wrote in downtown already has cars under water. >>> all right. we're continuing to track hurricane sandy. it started at 4:00 this morning. >> let's go to wyatt everhart. >> we're doing our best to keep you safe in this massive unprecedented hybrid storm that is unlike any we've ever seen. lowest central pressure, north of carolina. the largest in terms of the size and distance of these gale force winds. finding strengthening. sandy has been encountering warm bands. that has aloud it to churn into new jersey, churning into delaware. super storm sandy in 3d. here's a look right at 5:30. you see the large structure. massive storm with the center, the real intense portion pushing in with all ofs it might into the delaware bay, delaware, all of m. under the -- of m
the human services together. whatever dollars the federal government makes available to get people back in their homes has quickly as possible. >> reporter: about 60 people were evacuated because of severe winds and flooding. the soil is so saturated, there's standing water almost everywhere you look from large chunks of wood though dangerous wood planks. the water and wind moved it everywhere. practically everybody in crisfield was affected by the storm. even the police department didn't fair to well. there's a gaping hole in the roof of the police station. he and his daughter came to the city dock to take pictures today. he didn't escape the fury of sandy. >> didn't have wart damage -- water damage in the house but had a lot of damage in the garage. >> reporter: mark bradshaw had water in his house and shingles ripped off the roof. >> we need help. a lot of people don't have a home to go to. >> reporter: in crisfield, don harrison, abc2 news. >> the governors will toured damage. >>> coming up, thousands of our neighbors will go to bed in the cold and the dark. the latest to get your l
will be different this time. >> hopefully even in the state and the government level comes through with their promises to help everybody. right now a lot of people need help. >> after going through a clean up 14 months ago after irene some wonder if they should even rebuild. schools remain closed and power is out in much of the area. >>> help people rebuild, state farm has mobilized their disaster services team. they are sending their mobile command centers eastward to help policy holders start clean up and rebuild. state farm warn warns people to hire reputable contractors and take your time making decisions, do your research and check the bbb reports and beware of someone offering unsolicited service with no written contract and only take cash. that could be shady. >>> a lot went out and got sandbags to help protect your home. if you got leftover sandbags around the city would like to take them back. baltimore doesn't want people dumping out the sand so they have set up drop off locations for the extra sandbags. today and tomorrow between ten and seven. you can take them. >> we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3